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Our type: long body, short legs

Sunbean is a modern pet + human apparel brand that designs fun, stylish and super comfy clothing fit for the Dachshund doggo and their human co-partner. 

Because we know the world wouldn’t spin without our fellow fur besties (and crazy-but-cool-dog-people), our mission is simple: to create unique sausage-inspired stuff that embraces the sunny side of your fur fam.

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Made for long dogs 🐕

Extra body length

Specifically designed with the long-bodied dogs in mind.

Fit Worries, Be Gone

Hassle-free return

Enjoy 30-day free US exchange and return

Premium quality

Itch-Free, Stress-Free

Crafted with high-quality cotton fabric, our clothes are soft and comfy. No more itching, no more scratching – just pure comfort and joy.

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  • Slow fashion

    Here at Sunbean, we’re all about reducing our pawprints on Earth. Saying ba-bye to white labels, fast fashion and cheap thrills, our collections are made in small, slow batches with a serious dose of love.

  • Our packaging

    While we always admire a fancy Instagram unboxing moment, we keep our packaging low-key with our poly-mailer made from 100% recycled materials.

  • Our tissue paper

    Our items are wrapped in 100% compostable tissue paper that can be fully home and commercially compostable after use.

Fun facts to know before getting a Dachshund.Dachshunds bark at everything, they are very stubborn, they love to dig and they are a fart machine

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