About us

Our story

It all began with Bean. 

🐶 Meet Bean, the main honcho and all time inspiration behind Sunbean. A senior Dachshund rescued straight from a street dumpster, Bean was abused, abandoned, toothless, attacked by a dog and skin-and-bones starving, but beyond that little body was a big spirit - warm and bright and full of zest - or what I like to call: beams of sunshine.

🌞 He’s my light. My hero. My daily reminder to look at life belly side up. He’s also my reason for trying to make his recovery journey as easy-breezy as possible. Because I know firsthand how tough it is to find cool yet quality goods for the unique Dachshund body type - long body, short legs and cuteness overload - I set out to create a brand specially fit for the sausage dog breed while also meeting the everyday needs of their fellow human.

❤️ Whether you’re a Dachshund devotee, crazy dog-mom or an avid member of the sausage-squad, our brand is your one-stop-shop for loving and lighting-up your doggo, in style.


Our vision

To inspire dog lovers & their doxie pals to live their best life: bold, bright & belly-side-up!

Because life is too short for vanilla anything, right!?

Right. Which is why our vision is simple: to inspire dog lovers and their doxie pals to be bold, shine bright and enjoy everyday belly-side-up.

We’re talking more fun, more joy and more rainbow-colored vibes; the kind that inspires a loud and proud love for your life - and your pooch.


Our mission

To create unique, stylish & sustainable sausage-inspired stuff that embraces the sunny side of your fur fam.

We don’t subscribe to “bigger is always better”. In fact, shout out to all the shorties in the park - the ones with long bodies, teeny legs and larger-than-life attitudes.

Our mission? to support the sausage-squad. And more specifically, to ensure our fellow foxy-doxies and their human co-partners are dressed to the nines. No long sleeves. No exposed bottoms. And no cheap thrills. Only quality, comfy and super stylish threads that embrace the sunny side of your fur fam.

But beyond snug fits and super cute designs, we’re also all about slow, mindful and eco-responsible practices. From low-key sustainable packaging to collections made in small batches with big love; Sunbean promises to be nothing short of good for the puppers and good for the planet, period.


Meet the Founder 

Hey There!

I’m Cloe - a rainbow-haired creative, founder of Sunbean and proud dog mama to the main honcho around here: Bean himself.

I know I should probably begin my story with dogs, and the fact that I’ve always been that crazy-but-cool dog gal with a passion for our four-legged fam - that goes without saying - but the bottom line of Sunbean isn’t just about embracing our fellow wieners, it’s about embracing the sunny side of life. Without the fear and without the frills.

I grew up in a savvy, entrepreneurial family. My parents built a few businesses from the ground-up, and taught me the grit and gumption needed to blossom on my own. As a youngster, I was surrounded by many traditions and social norms - the kind that made me feel like I couldn’t quite showcase my authentic self without being judged, shunned or even worse, featured in the daily gossip column. It was only until I moved to the US in 2015 to study, that I discovered what true, unapologetic expression looked and felt like. Liberated from head-to-toe, I became inspired to live with a bold sense of vibrancy, wear dopamine-boosting colors and ofcourse dye my hair a rainbow, pastel dream. Which has become a big piece of the Sunbean pie.

Then came Bean, the sweetest and most sassy little sausage who needed me as much as I needed him. Together - as we walk alongside the beach, park and this thing we call life - we’ve been each other's best friend, cuddle-puddle, partner in crime, sometimes therapist and more importantly, greatest inspiration to live everyday belly-side-up!