Puppers + Planet first, always. 

Here at Sunbean, we’re all about reducing our pawprints on Earth. Saying ba-bye to white labels, fast fashion and cheap thrills, our collections are made in small, slow batches with a serious dose of love.

While we always admire a fancy Instagram unboxing moment, we keep our packaging low-key with 100% recycled mailers, eco-friendly packaging and minimal wastage. Putting the puppers and the planet first, always.  

Proud to support the Eco-Packaging Alliance

Our Poly Mailers

We use Noissue for our packaging. Made out of 100% recycled LDPE, the Poly Mailers not only give plastics already in circulation a second life, they also come with two adhesive strips - making them perfect for reusing with ease. Once done, you can also recycle it where soft plastics are accepted!


Our Tissue Papers

Tissue is printed with soy-based inks, on FSC-certified recycled paper, and is acid, sulphur, and lignin-free. After use, dispose in a home or commercial compost.


Compostable packaging is typically made from a number of renewable plant-based materials and/or bio-polymers.


The Recycle framework includes packaging made from recycled materials, or that are able to be recycled at the end of their use.

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